South Coast Tour

Highlight: Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance Performance
Tour Includes: Air Conditioned Coach, Guide, Entrance Fee & Donation, Dinner at Jimbaran Restaurant, Mineral Water
The complex's monument consists of a 70 meter-tall base and a 70 meter-tall statue of the Hindu deity Wisnu astride the mythical bird Garuda. When it is fully realized the Garuda Wisnu statue will be the tallest statue in Southeast Asia. As of today the artist has only completed Wisnu's torso and Garuda's head.
The statue is to symbolize a harmonious relationship between human beings and the natural environment as well as the spiritual life of the Balinese people. Although the project still has a long way to go it has been open to the public since 2000. 

Uluwatu Sunset
Uluwatu Temple is one of Balinese Hindu Temple located in southern part of Bali right on the cliff bank with magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. It is very amazing that this temple is built on the narrow peninsula with crevasse under it. It own very beautiful view in particular of the sunset time. There are group of monkeys live around the temple that keep and protect the temple from the bed influence based on the local resident's believes. Uluwatu Temple owns the history and culture heritage that is one of the value and feature that many visitors visit this place.

Kecak Dance is one of Balinese Dance where the performance is usually taken from the story of Ramayana. This dance is accompanied by 200 until 300 people where most of them stand as gamelan instrument because all of the instrument sound is come from the mouth and the rest of them are become the dancer. The unique of Kecak Dance is no instrument tool to accompany the dance however it is only by mouth. The sounds of the mouth are hearing the constant noisy and have a good rhythm, compact and harmonious. This dance is usually held in the evening due to the lighting tool are used from the traditional light tool where it is surrounded by the dancers.

Duration: 6 hours