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How To Safely Bring Money

Do not carry lots of cash! It's one of the general tips for the traveler. However much or little amount of money that was taken, you still need a surefire tips for cash or other payment instrument that brought safe. Please consider the following tips. 

Do not put your eggs in one basket. In order to reduce risk, save money and other payment instruments (debit card, credit, or traveler's checks) in various places in the bags and bags of clothes. This is an anticipatory steps in order when one of the storage area is problematic, to say the contents stolen, there are still pockets of funding for continuing the journey. But you must remember that the storage places. Forgetfulness can create its own disaster. 

Create storage areas in addition to relying on the money or card wallet or fanny pack. Money belts are a safe option. Money belt there is a shaped like a belt with a pouch on the inside. There is also a model of strappy bag tied around the waist and is applied like underwear. 

Spicial for woman, you can create a small pouch that can be inserted inside the bra (bra pocket money). Magic bag that can be moved when you change your bra. 

For a means of payment in the form of a credit card, debit card or traveler's checks, you should carry cards issued by banks or financial institutions that have an international network that is easy to use everywhere. Before leaving make sure that your destination has facilities and networking technology that allows financial institutions the means of payment that can be used. 

If you go abroad, first exchanged some money in the currency applicable in the destination country. United States dollars (U.S.) generally accepted everywhere. Money changer generally only accept cash in good condition. Make sure all your bills neatly tucked away, not folded and there is no crease marks.

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