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Tips for women traveling alone

You belong to a woman and traveling alone are still worried? What exactly do you worry? About security?

Now many women to travel long distances alone, either on business or just for fun. Although the reason women are generally the same way as men, women do need to give extra attention to several things, of the issues surrounding security issues to the culture. But all that can be overcome by taking preventive measures.
For security reasons, also the budget and comfort, a trip should be planned every move, from packing to the selection of hotel rooms. American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) provides the following tips for women who want to do the trip alone.
Know Before You Go
Find out information about the destination as much as possible, especially if traveling abroad. Religious beliefs and culture of a region can directly affect you can force you to adjust the way they dress and act with the local traditions. What counts as sexual harassment in a country for example, may not be a serious problem in other countries. You should not dress that showed open tight or body parts in order to prevent unnecessary attention.
At the Hotel
Upon entering the hotel, look for the officer who will often relate to guests and monitor everyone who entered and left the hotel. Ask if there are officers who are willing to take you to your room when you enter the hotel at night. Ask for a room upstairs, near the elevator, but away from emergency exits, stairs, and all kinds of renovation work. Never accept room if the clerk's name or your room number out loud.
While at the front desk, grab a hotel business card (which is the name, address, and phone numbers) and store card. When entering the room, make sure the door have a place to peek and chain latch (deadbolt). If no, do not ever open the door for people who do not know.
Travel Documents
Make two copies of important documents a trip taken on the way, one more to the store of friends or family at home.
The Smart packing
Always pack luggage as light as possible so you do not mind the load weighed down and look for two conditions that will make you the ideal target of pickpockets. Avoid bags or clothes that look expensive. Lock your luggage and use the bag with the tag office address rather than your home address. Bring just one credit card and do not put your money in one place.
Before leaving, find out which mode of transportation options available in the destination area, especially if you arrive at night. Travel agents can help determine the safest choice and make the necessary plans. If you rent a car, learn the maps, route tulisankan trip, and take with a cell phone.
Know Your Neighborhood Conditions
Study the map of locations to be visited so as to explore the area a destination, you do not look like a lost tourist. Ask where there is a day care items, and more importantly, which areas are forbidden to visit.

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