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Tips Travelling with Children

Travelling with children often make dizzy. Along the way, adults are required remain alert and be patient. Because of this, many people do not like traveling with the kids.
But just so you know the tips, traveling with a family, including children, can create a memorable and enjoyable experience unforgettable. If you intend to travel a family vacation with the kids, check out the following tips.
Before Departure
Let the children pack their own bags. Decide what kind of clothing will be taken (especially loose and comfortable), but let them choose their own favorite clothes and do not forget to pack a special toy. In the bag, put also some sweets and chewing gum, small towels, wipes, books, paper, plastic bags, sealed, and if possible a shocking game for every child.
Update immunizations, such as hepatitis B vaccine, rabies, typhoid, hepatitis A for the whole family. If traveling abroad, find out information about additional vaccines for the purpose.
At the Airport
Provide enough time to check in, and between connecting flights. Be sure to arrive early to avoid delays in boarding for the last minute or if there was confusion relating to aviation security regulations. Devise a safety plan if one or more members of the group suddenly separated at the airport. Discussed earlier in which the location to meet and what to do if a member is suddenly separated from the group.
Tell sekrining procedures to children before entering security doors so that children are not afraid while passing through that process. Everyone, including children and infants, must pass through security checks at the entrance. All the equipment the kids need to go through X-ray machine In order for the inspection process go smoothly, remove the child from the stroller. When babies go through metal detectors, parents have to hold the baby. Do not give your baby or small child during examination. Children who can walk through the metal detector alone. The kids are bigger, have been told that the process must be followed seriously, and threats made, although it's just a joke, can cause legal problems.
In Flight
Give your seats that meet current safety standards and should not be wider than 16 inches to the children. The Federal Aviation Administration (United States) recommends that children weighing less than 40 pounds be placed in child seats or infant.
The best seat on a flight for the kids is the first row in economy class. There is no room for wide feet. If a seat in the first row does not exist, do not mendudukan children near the alley, a child should sit in between two adults. Also good to remember that during the flight you must always get up, or frequent the streets with the children. Do not allow children to walk without your supervision.
Seat reservations far in advance can help the whole family can sit side by side or close together. If the plane is full and the opportunity to make a reservation well in advance is not possible, ask the crew at the airport (boarding time), the flight crew may be able to ask other passengers to change seats so children are not seated apart from parents.
Under the bottled water in a bottle to drink and moisturizers to the skin so as not to dry during the flight. Bring the gum and dot to reduce the air pressure in the ears of children and the various toys in a tote bag to attract children.
If Traveling by Car
Make a trip to the car so a fun moment with a pillow and blanket. Routinely stop at the resort. Make sure you have a supply of paper, pencils, toys, cd songs or children's favorite books. Most importantly, involve the children in the vacation process. Keep everything related to holidays such as brochures and ticket stubs in a particular place such as in a thick book.
Make plans in advance with the rental car company to make sure their car is set up to suit your needs.
On Location Vacations
Have a daily schedule with a number of concessions or free time for each family member. Give a friend or relative's phone number and address of the hotel where the family will stay, transportation information, and contact numbers for emergencies. If possible, each family member has a cell phone or walkie-talkie to keep in touch every time. Have an emergency plan or meeting place if family members are suddenly separated is also a good idea.
At the Hotel
Emphasize safety by avoiding the possibility of accidents. Bring your own electrical outlet cover and check balconies and bathrooms of the potential dangers. Keep small objects, medicines and cleaners out of reach of baby hands. Learn the evacuation routes and procedures in case of fire.
Things that Should Caution
If your vacation includes a trip to the pool, ocean, water park, or other places associated with water, the number one rule is to never allow children to adventure alone. Although they can swim, children should always wear life jacket. Important to know what's in the water, such as chemical or is there a jellyfish. The water temperature is too cold, fast-flowing, and the water suddenly sucked down should also be avoided from the children.
Bring a big hat and a moisturizer to protect children's skin from the sun. Also take the necessary medications. Diarrhea medication (although not good for babies), painkiller, anti insect, antihistamines, and pleseter wound closure is important stuff. Consult with your doctor about the drug-free before you use it. Good also if you keep your doctor's number even if you travel abroad.
To prevent diseases caused tecemar water, drink only bottled water or boiled water used to mix milk and juice, or just use liquid milk.
The Most Important
Problems can arise and acidant could happen but it never hurts to know a variety of tips for smooth holiday. It is no less important is to create an atmosphere of humor along the way by giving children a memorable holiday and unforgettable. Do not let your worries dissolve in the range of unexpected things that might appear, and did not get to enjoy the holiday itself.

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