Satria Gatot Kaca/ Patung Kuda ~ BALI TOUR PHOTOGRAPHY

Satria Gatot Kaca/ Patung Kuda

Gatot Kaca is one of the puppet characters of the famous knights, gallant and brave. Gatot Kaca is the son of  Bimasena one of the five Pandavas. Gatot Kaca is known as a powerful warrior and expert fly mandraguna to provide protection to the people in the kingdom of Pendawa.  Gatot Kaca  is the personification of the matchless heroes who are willing to sacrifice his body to crush the spirit of evil and injustice.

The statue is magnificent and gallant
For those of you who want to remember the figure of the knight who could witness the unrivaled view of the image which stands majestic and dashing in the middle east junction Ngurah Rai Airport, and became one of the attractions of Badung regency. People in Bali called it a horse statue. Perhaps this is because if the object is viewed at a glance many featuring sculpture horse.
The main message of the statue of  Gatot Kaca  Bratayuhda the war stories contained in the heroic story of Mahabharata. Billy Glass illustrated that there were fighting the Duke of Karna who was driving a horse-drawn carriage as she aimed the gun flagship, Konta. Although  Gatot Kaca  finally fall but still the hero figure symbolized the unwavering defense of their homeland.

Gatot Kaca Knight Sculpture was founded in 1993 in order to continue efforts to beautify the neighborhood Ngurah Rai Airport. Besides glass sculpture  Gatot Kaca Knight is also believed to provide spiritual protection and safety for the tourists who are visiting Bali. A variety of natural attractions, culture and tradition is maintained in this resort island. When you visit Bali you will feel this harmony.

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