Legends, stories, and the Origins of Mount Bromo - Tengger tribe (Roro Anteng and Joko Seger)

Once upon a time, there lived a husband and wife in a village. One day, his wife gave birth to a daughter who sangatlucu, strangely at birth, the baby is not crying, so that the baby was named Roro Anteng ("calm" in Javanese means quiet / silent).
At the same time, in a another family, also was born a boy who was very healthy and plump and named Joko Seger. Time passed, Roro Anteng grown into a beautiful girl who impress all young at the time.

Beauty Roro Anteng sound reached the ears of the Kiai Bima, someone whose Supranatural power. Kiai Bima also went Roro Anteng and wanted to marry her. If the request is not obeyed, he would create a disaster in the hamlet. Finally Roro Anteng reluctantly willing to marry, but on one condition, namely Kiai Bima should make the lake in one night alone.

Terms of Roro Anteng was promised by Kiai Bima. Using coconut shells, Kiai Bima dredge soil to be used as a lake. Because of his power, in a short time, the lake is seen to be completed made. Looking at it, Roro Anteng worry, he finally had an idea. She pounded pounder order as if it was morning and heard by a chicken so that the chicken was crowing.
Roro idea Anteng successful, hear the rooster crows, Kiai Milky thought it was dawn and she was not able to meet the requirements of Roro Anteng. Finally he slammed the coconut shells and left. The coconut shell is now a Mount Batok located next to Mount Bromo. Former Segara Wedi or dig into a sea of ​​sand that can be seen up to now.

Roro Anteng finally met with Joko Seger, and they were both married. Marriage running for some time, but nevertheless not blessed with a child. Joko Seger finally prayed to god, if blessed with children, he is willing to sacrifice one of his sons.
Prayer Joko Seger turned out to be heard, they were finally blessed with several children. After their children were growing up, Joko Seger forget his promise. When he was asleep, she got a whisper in order to fulfill his promise to sacrifice one of his sons.
Finally it was delivered to her children. Joko Seger was not willing to sacrifice his son, but when the promise was not fulfilled, there is a disaster that struck their village. Finally one of the children they sincerely willing to be sacrificed.

The awaited day has arrived. Joko Seger family was headed to the crater of Mount Bromo as well as carrying various crops offerings. One child from being sacrificed Joko Seger was ready and the child finally threw himself into the crater of Mount Bromo.
After Joko Seger promise fulfilled, they end up living happily in the vicinity of Mount Bromo. Their descendants are now called Tenggerese, a blend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. The procession of child sacrifice was Joko Seger we can still see today.

In the full 14 or 15 months Kasodo according to the Javanese calendar, performed the ceremony Kasodo, that there also are a procession throwing offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo. Thus Legend of Mount Bromo and Tengger tribe, may be useful.

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