Lovina is one of the  famous tourist places in the north part of Bali which owns a unique beauty of calm sea water and chromatic blackish beach. One of the favorite fascinations in Lovina is dolphin watching tour  can be seen in the morningAn extremely attractive feature is dolphin-jumping. It never fails in drawing tourists to its lovely sunset views.  Lovina is conveniently located within reach of several popular places of interest, for instance, Hot Water Banjar, Wihara Buddha (Buddhist shrine), Gigit Waterfall and some countryside areas within this vicinity.  Location Lovina is officially located in Kalibukbuk area and covering some countryside like Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk countryside.  Kalibugbug countryside itself is located in the Buleleng sub-district, whereas the Kaliasem and Temukus countrysides are located in the Banjar sub-district where both of them belong to the Buleleng regency.  The eastern countryside is called Pemaron about 5 Km west of Singaraja, and the western countryside is Temukus about 12 Km west of Singaraja.

Lovina Beach is a Tourist Destination in Bali. 
The centre of activities in Lovina area is located 10 Km from Singaraja town. Nowadays,  Lovina area is becoming the center of tourist activities in the north part of Bali, offering manykinds of accommodations, restaurants, bars, beach activities, art shops, banks, and transportation, etc.  The available accommodations in this area range from luxury hotels, small hotels to even homestays for low budget travelers. As the center of tourism in Singaraja, Lovina receives the highest number of visitors in the north part of Bali. It is estimated that 90% of tourists who travel to the north part of Bali will definitely pay a visit to Lovina!

There is no clear evidence how the name 'Lovina' originated.  However, its reference has been traced back to the children of Anak Agung Panji Tisna, a clan of the famous Buleleng King, henceforth bestowing his village in Kaliasem with the name 'Lovina', where he built his first bungalow resort.  He said the name is taken from that of a small hotel in India called Lafeina where he stayed and wrote a book entitled 'Ni Ketut Widhi'.
This book is translated into some languages.  In memory of the hotel name, the land authorities approved of the name 'Lovina'.  The other version of the story describes how 2 Santen trees which were planted by him, grew up as if embracing each other. Inspired by such extraordinary sight, Agung decided to give the name 'Lovina', because in Latin it means love or loving each other. Another interpretation can stem from the fact that if you separate the word 'Lovina' into 'Love' and "Ina', it means 'love to Indonesia'.

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